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RICalc software for true finance RICalc software for Discounted Cash Flow RICalc software for Graphing and Maths
Powerful Financial calculator Financial
Advanced Discount Cash Flow calculator Investment
Real and Forecast Inflation calculator Inflation
Unique Maths Graphic Solver calculator Graphing
Handy Descriptive Statistics calculator Statistics
Expression, Scientific, Standard, Tape, Date calculators Scientific / Other
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RICalc software saves you money and time

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Why do you need RICalc? Here are a few good reasons:

Take control with Financial calculator Save Money & Reduce Debt with a true Take control with Financial calculator Financial Calculator.

Reduce your Mortgage, loans or leases and recover many times over the cost of RICalc.
Have you checked your bank statement for interest calculations errors and bank overcharges? (Standard edition only)
Surely you want to payoff your loan(s) as soon as possible!
Try the free evaluation demo and see how you could save.

Know your investments with Discounted Cash Flow Invest wiser with the Know your investments with Discounted Cash FlowInvestment Calculator.

Find out how worth is your investment with Discounted Cash Flow analysis. (Standard edition only)

Solve & Graph mathematical equations Solve mathematical equations with the Solve & Graph mathematical equations Graphing Calculator.

Root find algebraic expressions, minimums & maximums, calculate derivatives & integrals and plot equations on graphs.

Expression Evaluator your every day calculator Save time with the Expression Evaluator your every day calculator Expression Evaluator.

Hundreds of functions. Rapid and on the spot calculations while you work with other software and RICalc.

RICalc an educational tool, not just a calculator Learn with RICalc Tutorials.
RICalc is an educational learning tool, not just software!

RICalc the essential personal finance and maths tool.
You don't have to use it every day or all of it, but when you do, you surely need the proper tool.

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