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RICalc software saves you money and time Make informed decisions based on facts and not opinions

Your home Financial calculator

Do you ever wish you had a better grasp on financials?

Would you rather make informed decisions about your Mortgage, Loans, Leases, Savings, Retirement plan and save?

You can with RICalc ®, the Real Investment Calculator.

You can take control of your financials based on real facts and not opinions.

With RICalc it's easy, clear and intuitive. To make it simpler we built RICalc around the familiar pocket calculator with none of those complicated and confusing buttons and with all of those advanced and professional features.

RICalc is a true calculator like no other, most ignore fees, taxes and inflation, but that is not what happens in real life, is it?

The reality is ...
  • Tax and inflation are crucial components of financial planning
  • Most mortgages, loans or leases have setup costs, ongoing fees or charges and exit costs
  • Fees & charges are a substantial cost when borrowing money
  • Mortgages & Funds do not have a single interest rate for their entire duration
  • Mortgage re-payments are usually not due on the same day the lender charges interest
  • Fees & charges are not always due on the same day re-payments are due
  • Quoted interest rates seldom reflect the true interest rate charged. See why True Rates are important.

You know it; interest rates change regularly, ongoing fees are part of today's lending, and fees and interest and payments often have different timings.

The fact is most calculators have little to do with today's reality.

On loans, you usually pay on going fees, on Term Deposits you pay taxes, and on retirement you pay both fees & taxes plus you need to take into account the inflation.

Have all of these been calculated when you are told you will retire with a great sum? What does it mean in actually terms today anyway?

The truth is with so many financial products and opinions you need facts.

With RICalc you make better decisions based on facts, comparison rates and net yields after tax and inflation.

Don't guess like others. Calculate properly like Lenders, Financiers and Bankers do.

RICalc software for Finance, Discounted Cash Flow, Inflation, Graphing and Maths
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