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RICalc software for true finance RICalc software for Discounted Cash Flow RICalc software for Graphing and Maths
Powerful Financial calculator Financial
Advanced Discount Cash Flow calculator Investment
Real and Forecast Inflation calculator Inflation
Unique Maths Graphic Solver calculator Graphing
Handy Descriptive Statistics calculator Statistics
Expression, Scientific, Standard, Tape, Date calculators Scientific / Other
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RICalc software saves you money and time

Scientific calculator with Tape and Expression Evaluator

A calculator for Scientific, Standard and base conversions.

RICalc a scientific calculator with plenty of power.

Operators, memory and other buttons, work the same way as your regular pocket calculator.

General calculator

General calculator in Scientific mode


RICalc calculator has the following modes of operation:

Standard general + tax, markup, discount.
Scientific calculus, trigonometry, stats.
Hexadecimal base 16 and base 10 conversions.
Octal base 8 and base 10 conversions.
Binary base 2 and base 10 conversions.
  To work with external applications, zoom calculator (about 60%) or use EE.


Tape calculator

Click for Scientific calculator with Tape screen shot

Calculator with Tape

Print calculations on Tape and save it for retrieval when a long list of operations.
Change Tape values and operators and tape is automatically recalculated.

Word notepad

Click for RIPad screen shot


Save word documents or store temporary
calculations on the built-in word notepad.

Date calculator

Click for Date calculator screen shot

Date periods calculator

Quick calculation of dates
Calendar, Business, Commercial
US Federal calendar days


Expression Evaluator

EE is an algebraic expression calculator.
A rapid calculator with one-click paste to external applications.
With EE you just type in the expression, it is faster than pressing buttons.

Click for Expression Evaluator screen shot

Paste To external

One click Transfer To your
word processor, accounting and other external applications.

Expressions can be simple or quite complex mathematical formulas
Either way the Expression Evaluator is easier and faster to work with than pocket calculators.

Multi precision

RICalc has an internal multi-precision engine capable of performing calculations to an arbitrary precision of millions of digits of accuracy.

Multi precision is used in RICalc for calculation of mathematical constants, such as pi, e, euler to high precision, and to improve accuracy in functions such as factorials, gamma, beta, root finder, integrals, trigonometry, polynomial, complex and other functions.

Most multi-precision implementations are already available in EE and in Functions.

Calculate algebraic expressions to high-precision.

Click for Functions multi-precision calculator screen shot

Arbitrary precision to millions of digits



400+ predefined functions for:

Math, Trigonometry, Statistic, Financial, Conversion, Logical, Text, Date, Information, Geometry, and more...

Create and store your own functions.

Functions prefixed with MP, perform arithmetic computation in arbitrary precision.

Non MP functions with precision parameter in the argument list, compute in either IEEE or in MP.

Click for Functions calculator screen shot


Select select MP format in the Expression Evaluator and most expressions are performed in high-precision.


How can you use the Scientific calculator and Expression Evaluator?
For rapid calculations, use the Expression Evaluator and one-click paste to external applications.
For general calculations, use the General - Scientific calculator.
For multi precision and to solve hundreds of functions, use Functions.
For Time, use the Date calculator and the others tools for quick and easy calculations.

Clear and easy calculators for what matters Save time, concentrate on the important things Save time

All-in-one true calculator, not several, just one.

Scientific calculator with Tape / Expression calculator / Date / Functions high precision

Graphing, Statistics, Inflation, Financial, Investment


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