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RICalc software saves you money and time
Statements with Debit & Credit and proper descriptions

Take control with the Financial calculator

With RICalc you have at your control a powerful calculator that follows the same principles used by bankers and financiers.

You can calculate exact figures and true costs of financial products, for example one lender's loan versus another lender's loan, and ...

You have a tool to make informed financial decisions, a tool to reduce debt and invest wiser and ultimately a tool to take control and save money.

True rates, Comparison rate, APR, AAPR, APY, APPY You save money when applying for a mortgage, personal loan or just leasing a new car.
Calculate the true loan costs and interest rate charges, the total interest you pay, repayment installments, how long it takes to repay, how much per dollar borrowed, what is the Comparison Rate, AAPR, APR...
See why True Rates are important.

Take control reduce debt and save money You reduce debt on your mortgage by comparing scenarios. (Standard edition only)
Check how quickly extra deposit(s) reduce the mortgage, occurring once or at regular intervals, or check how withdraw(s) affect the balance if you need cash now.
Compare bi-weekly repayments to monthly installments, compare mortgage re-finance and how effective is to refinance your loan. Checkout if you save on All-in-One mortgage equity loans and mortgage Offset loans ...
Check your bank statement accuracy, reconcile interest calculation, check interest errors, mistakes and bank overcharges.

Make decisions based on true facts You make better financial decisions.
Are you renovating?
Should you apply for a new loan or borrow from the mortgage?
If you borrow from the mortgage how much will it affect?

Invest wiser and growth wealthier You make better investment decisions.
If you are a real estate investor, the Real Investment Calculator will help you with borrowings and savings.

Plan your investment with facts on Interest Only, Principal & Interest and Line of Credit loans...
Compare net yields on Savings, Term Deposits or Fund investments.
  Plan for a better and confortable retirement
What is the real return after tax & inflation?
Is your retirement plan sufficient? How long will it last in today's money?

What if scenario comparison At the end of the day it all comes down to good realistic and accurate calculations.
The rest are exercises from different financial perspectives and this is where RICalc can help you to improve your knowledge of Business & Finance.

With RICalc you can easily create and compare all these scenarios.

Learn finance maths with tutorials
Don't worry if you forgot some of the basics. RICalc help tutorials cover all of this, starting from "Topic revision" basics to advanced topics.
You learn financial terminology, how to apply to RICalc and when you're done with tutorials you have a greater in depth of Business & Finance maths + proper software.

Take control of your Finances with a true real investment calculator.

RICalc software for Finance, Discounted Cash Flow, Inflation, Graphing and Maths
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