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Investment calculator

Discount Cash flow calculator for thorough investment analysis

Do you ever wonder if it is worthwhile to venture into a new investment, or wish you had an easier way to quantify return on investment?

You can with RICalc Discounted Cash Flow calculator.

With RICalc it is easy, plug in your cash flow figures in the DCF calculator and let RICalc do the investment analysis.

We made it quite simple, type in the cash flows directly or copy & paste from your preferred spreadsheet.

Whether you are assessing an existing investment, planning a new acquisition, a new machine, new plant, property, project or business, you probably have some figures on current or expected future in and out flows.
May be you've estimated the expenses & revenues and forecasted the annual totals for the next few years on a spreadsheet.

Now that you have the cash flows, discounted cash flow analysis is quite simple in RICalc.
Just enter the cash flows final totals and an optional investment rate and let the RICalc Discounted Cash Flow calculator compute all the important ROI indicators.

With RICalc you have the figures to analyze your investment from different financial perspectives plus a summary approve or reject recommendation.

You make better investment decisions when you know:

Discount Cash flow ROI analysis
  • What is the Rate of Return, the ROR.
  • What is the Rate of Return if you don't reinvest the profits, the MROR.
  • How much is it worth now, the Net Present Value.
  • How much will it be worth, the Future Value.
  • The Equivalent Annual Worth, the EAW / EAC.
  • Profit & Revenue ratios and %, the ROI.
  • How long will take to get your money back, the Payback ratio.

You can use Capital Asset Price Model to estimate the Discount rate by entering the risk free rate, the market rate and the CAPM beta factor.

Learn discount cash flow with tutorials

Don't worry if you forgot some of the basics, RICalc help tutorials cover all of this, starting from "Topic revision" basics to advanced topics.

You learn financial terminology, how to apply to RICalc and when you're done with tutorials you have a greater in depth of Business & Finance and maths.


RICalc not just software, also an educational investment tool.


Investment calculator
Investment calculator

All-in-one true calculator, not several, just one.

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