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RICalc software for true finance RICalc software for Discounted Cash Flow RICalc software for Graphing and Maths
Powerful Financial calculator Financial
Advanced Discount Cash Flow calculator Investment
Real and Forecast Inflation calculator Inflation
Unique Maths Graphic Solver calculator Graphing
Handy Descriptive Statistics calculator Statistics
Expression, Scientific, Standard, Tape, Date calculators Scientific / Other
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RICalc software saves you money and time

Real Investment Calculator

  All-in-One software calculator

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Real Investment Calculator
  Home Edition   vs   Standard Professional Edition Product overview


Calculators Computation and Features Home Std

Version history Software updates and support 1 year 2 years
Financial Calculate Mortgages, Loans, Leases
  Calculate Savings, Funds, Perpetuities
Tech. Features Optional Balloon / Residual
  Optional deferred Payments and deferred Interest
  Unlimited multiple streams
  Interest types: (10 choices)  
Simple Interest -  Interest Only, Flat / Add-on interest
  Fixed Principal, Bank Discount
  Rule of 78
Compound Interest -  Interest Only, Principal & Interest
  Fixed Principal, Bank Discount
  US Rule method
Manual / Irregular -  transactions building
  Deposits / Withdraws / Fees / Taxes
  Mortgage Equity / All-in-One loans
  Line of Credit
  Mortgage interest Offset from savings account
  Canadian Mortgage
  Pin rounding to choice of decimals  
  Round standard
  Round Up or Down
  Term duration in:  
  Periods from days to years (11 choices)
  Periods date
  Calendar dates (exact days)
  Bank statement comparison checking & verification
  Account details data and comparison centre
  Auto or Fixed amount
  Adjustment / Smooth last transaction
  Gradient amount by value or by %
  Amount by your own formula
  True rates:  
  AUS Comparison Rate - CR
AUS Annual Cost Rate
USA APR Annual Percentage Rate
APY Annual Percentage Yield

  Multiple streams rate split
  AAPR Average Annual Percentage Rate, AAPR Net
AAPY Average Annual Percentage Yield, AAPY Net, AAPY Real

  Costs & Fees:  
  Initial, Ongoing, Exit
  Formula values, Prior Start
  Custom descriptions and templates
  Taxes on Deposits, Withdraws and Earnings
  Amortization Schedule:  
  Chart and Report
  Cumulative amounts, Annual totals only
  Export to Excel / Other
  Chart and Report
  Annual totals only
  Export to Excel / Other
  Transaction formula
Account Account Administration + Notes + Comparison centre ...
Maximum interest rate cap
Auto max interest rate to cap
Account templates
Account financial calculator custom locks
Medium Amount Credit Contract - MACC loans (Aus)
Small Amount Credit Contract - SACC loans (Aus)

Account profile Contract account details
Borrowers, Guarantors, Properties, Other entities ...
Financials, DSR, NSR, LVR assessment panel
Your own custom fields

Reports Summary, Costs, Periods, Others ...
  Custom logo and footer
Graphs Comparison
  Save custom format, title, series
  Retirement wizard

Investment Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Historical CPI data Consumer Price Indexes - AUS, USA
  Consumer Price Indexes - add series
Forecast Projection and Discounting

Rate Convert Interest conversion to equivalent rate after tax & Inflation


Graphing Maths equation Solver, Derivatives, Integrals and graph plotting

Statistics Descriptive statistics

Scientific Scientific calculator with Tape

Expression Evaluator Algebraic expression solver

Date calc Date calculator for calendar, business and commercial days

Functions 400+ calculators for:
  Maths , Trigonometry, Statistics , Geometry
  Financial, Discount Cash Flow Analysis
  Date, Text, Logical, Conversions
  Define your own functions

Multi-precision Arbitrary precision to millions of digits of accuracy

  Built-in Notepad, Calendar & holidays
  Essentials Tour, Tutorials and Manual
  Database storage
  Database multi-user shared
  Database backup management


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